Red E's 8 Week
'Little Black Dress'
STARTS 24th APRIL 2021!
We are looking for women who want to be empowered with the knowledge and confidence to live fitter, healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives! 

To not only look good, but LOVE how they feel!
Since 2012, this signature program of Red E has been seeing tremendous results from the participants!
Now in it’s 10th year, we are looking forward to bringing you an amazing holisitc program, which again
will deliver sensational results!!
About Red E's "Little Black Dress" Project

The "Little Black Dress" Project is our Signature Program, which was created in 2012. 

Our vision was to create a Transformation Program for women that wasn't your typical "weight loss challenge".  A program that was holisitc -to empower women  with the knowledge and confidence to live fitter, healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives - to not only look great, but more importantly FEEL amazing!

There's nothing more empowering than feeling amazing within yourself - by loving and embracing the beautiful, strong woman you are NOW while working on where you want to be!!

Every woman deserves to feel strong,  and sexy and to ROCK their Little Black Dress! ​

Red E's LBD Project is for Women who...

  • Want to feel like the powerful woman they are
  •  Want their confidence back and to feel like they can take on the world
  •  Want to feel amazing in their skin – to love and embrace the beautiful, strong woman they are NOW while working on where they want to be!!
  •  Are keen to get our of their comfort zone…
  •  Have a positive, get-it-done attitude…
  •  Are willing to invest in themselves and give 100%!
Our LBD Project is an 8-week program for Mackay women where you will get EVERYTHING you need to succeed in looking and feeling your best!

This program is specifically designed to help you transform your health and fitness through effective exercise and sustainable nutrition - YES you can still have your favourite things - whilst having fun and meeting other amazing women!

We will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, to achieve things you may not have thought possible. We will support you and be there to help you through!! 

If you want to be part of an amazing program with a group of women all on their own journey to not only look great but LOVE how they feel, this is what the project is all about!

Imagine Yourself...

- feeling fitter, stronger and more energetic
​- having dropped a few kilos
​- waking up with MORE energy
​- feeling laser focused on YOURSELF for once
​- fitting better in your clothes and ROCKIN' that LBD
- and having a TON of fun in the process!

You will have all the tools to transform your life from the inside out... and the changes can last a lifetime.

Confidence, strength, fitness, energy, vitality and to embrace the fun, happy, carefree woman! Who doesn’t want that!?!

And it starts on APRIL 24th 2021, with prep week commencing Monday 19th April! 

If you want to focus on YOU in the next few months, this program is for you!  It's right after the school holidays, so mums it's time for YOU now! 
What's Included?
  • Your Personal Trainer Led Training Sessions
  • Nutritional Guidelines (no crazy, crash-diets here!) 
  • Family Friendly Meal Plan (dietician approved!)
  • Success Guide & Strategies
  • ​Current and Progress measurements
  • ​4 Weekly Check-ins with your Success Coach
  • ​Home Workout Program to maximise your results!
  • ​LBD Weekly Challenges to keep you on track! 
  • BONUS special sessions over the 8 weeks
  • Support forum to connect with your trainers and others participating in the program
  • ​End of Program Professional Photoshoot and Celebration Event!!

How The Program Works...

  • One-off Registration fee to enter program of $79 Early Bird Rate for first 50, then $99
  • First 30 Registrations receive an additional Exclusive BONUS gift! - SOLD OUT! 
  • ​​Then your weekly training option starting from only $39/week for 8 weeks – with a fully qualified professional trainer!  Minimum investment only $391. For all of the options complete the rego form below and we can chat over the phone or meet one-on-one to find what works best for you! (Or click here to see more)
  • ​The Program starts on Saturday 24th April 2021
  • ​Only 100 spots available – and this WILL book out!

Register Your Spot Now!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
This is What Some of Our Mackay Ladies have Achieved in 8 Weeks!!
Other 8 Week “LBD” Project Achievements Include: 
  •  Dropped 7.1kgs and 16cm
  •  Able to fit into a size 10 dress for first time in three years
  •  Increased strength dramatically while reducing 18.5cm in measurements
  •  2 dress sizes down, 5.7kgs and 23cm gone
  •  Dropped 5kgs and 17.5cm and 3.5% body fat reduction
  •  Huge fitness improvements including mastering the dreaded burpee and one dress size down
  •  Ran 4.2kms in 22mins and didn’t stop once
  •  Dropped 4.5kgs and 15.5cm
  •  Down 2.3kgs and dropped a dress size while increasing weights by 50%
  •  Wearing a size 10 work shirt for first time in four years
  •  Completely out of comfort zone and entered a vintage pin-up comp!!!
Are You Ready To Rock Your LBD?
It's time for YOU! 
Let's Do It!
We give 100% to our clients each and every session and work with people who are serious about results, and investing in themselves. 

If you are willing to listen, apply our coaching to change your outlook on effective fitness, you will get life-enhancing results.

Applications open 29th March at 8.00pm and close 12.00pm on Wednesday 21st April, or when all spaces are taken, whichever comes first. 

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